Devold fabrikken

Langevåg, Norway
Garde Devoldgaten View01 Exterior Far Alley

Location: Langevåg, Norway

Size: 35.000 m2

Completed: 2009 - today

Once renowned as a Norwegian pioneer in the textile industry, the Devold Factory is yet another example of GARDE’s expertise and dedication in transforming a cluster of industrial buildings into a vibrant commercial and cultural attraction. Famed for its knitwear and especially the Devold Blue Sweater, the factory has played an integral part in the expansion of the Ålesund region.

Since 2009, Mads Emil Garde has been deeply involved in the development of the Devold Factory, overseeing the complex renovation and conversion of the dilapidated buildings that vary in scale and age. During the last 10 years, GARDE has evolved an in-depth and valued insight concerning the building’s physical and aesthetical potential and collaborated with a range of focus groups in the development and planning process.

GARDE has regularly been commissioned to design a number of the Devold Factory’s interior projects from retail to museums and offices.

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